How to restore your liver after alcohol

How to restore your liver after alcohol

What damages the liver:

When you drink often.

When you drink a lot, even if rarely.

As a result where to buy real steroids, you can earn a disease that is called: alcoholic liver disease. Drinking in moderation is enough to avoid it. The American Liver Defense Foundation reminds us of this.

your liver

The how to buy steroid online liver where to buy sustanon 250 injection hurts in different ways after alcohol. The three most common subtypes of alcoholic liver disease are:

Fatty liver (fatty liver, liver steatosis) – excessive accumulation of fat in liver cells. This is the very beginning of alcoholic liver disease. There are usually no symptoms, except for an enlarged liver and a little discomfort where to buy equipoise in the upper abdomen on the right. Fatty liver is observed in almost all people who abuse alcohol. If you stop drinking, this disease will pass.

Alcoholic hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, in which its cells are gradually destroyed. Alcoholic hepatitis affects 35% of people who drink. In a mild degree, this disease can last for years, gradually damaging the liver. In this case, you may feel: weakness, fever, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. At the very beginning, chronic hepatitis is reversible if you where to buy stanozolol stop drinking on time. But alcoholic hepatitis can also occur in an acute form – then it develops very sharply, quickly and causes serious complications (sometimes even life-threatening).

Cirrhosis develops in 10–20% of drunkards after ten years of alcohol abuse. buy mesterolone proviron In cirrhosis, normal liver tissue is gradually replaced by non-living scar tissue. At first where to buy aromasin bodybuilding, this phenomenon is called liver fibrosis. When most of the liver is already sick, doctors diagnose cirrhosis. The symptoms are the same as for alcoholic hepatitis, but are also possible:

accumulation of fluid in the where to buy real steriods abdomen (ascites);

high blood pressure in the liver (portal hypertension);

bleeding from veins inside the esophagus (esophageal varices);

changes in behavior and confusion;

enlarged spleen.

Cirrhosis can be life threatening. But some patients were able to get rid of even such a serious illness after they stopped drinking alcohol.

Are there safe doses of booze

If you drink alcohol in moderation, your liver is likely to stay where to buy testosterone cypionate injections healthy. American nutritionists recommend the following alcohol consumption regimen:

alcoholic liver disease

For women – 14 grams of pure alcohol per day. So much alcohol is contained in:

360 ml of beer;

alcoholic liver

120 ml of wine;

45 ml of vodka;

30 ml of an even stronger alcoholic beverage (liquor, cognac, etc best place to buy testosterone online?.).

For men, a moderate dosage is twice as large, namely 28 grams of pure alcohol per day. So much is contained in:

720 ml of beer;

240 ml of wine;

90 ml of vodka;

60 ml of spirits (liqueur, cognac, etc.).

Such doses of alcohol should not harm best place to buy testosterone cypionate a healthy body. However, if your liver is already sick, then even the smallest amount of alcohol can harm it. The one whose liver is already damaged after alcohol, the better it is to give up alcohol altogether.

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